SCR Yoga and Wild Food 2017 Schedule.

The 2017 Yoga and Wild Food Schedule is now available. The program we have designed this year is a 3 day all inclusive resort experience that will absolutely transform your life. In 3 days you will learn basic to more intense Yoga, Breathing and Meditation techniques, Wild Food collection and preparation, Wild Tea collection and prep, The Nutritional density of food, Juicing vs Smoothie basics, Proper Vitamin Supplementation, Probiotics usage, Shin-Rin Yoku, Introduction to Earthing, and Food Allergy Testing all while lounging and relaxing among the 6000 acres of trees that surround our facility. We also have a bonfire circle each night under some f the darkest skies in the Midwest. Prices start at $600 person for 4 days and 3 nights.

Add a friend and get a a 10% discount for both!!

All meals are included which are a combination and plants, vegetables, eggs, fish and of course freshly made juices. 

Dates for 2017

Farmhouse: -June 27-30, July 17-20, Aug 21-24

Log Cabin- Aug 21-24

Check out for more info and booking.